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 A Better Strategy for Dental Management

A constant stream of new patients is always good to have--but, as you know, we might not have it all the time! The good news is that even if the number of new patients is not growing , profits can still grow by removing the operational waste from your systems.

Back in the 1940’s, a Toyota engineer named Taiichi Ohno found an American worker produced ten cars in the time a Japanese worker took to produce one car. He questioned if the Americans were putting in ten times more physical effort and found the Japanese were working very hard, but most of their efforts were wasted. He identified seven kinds of operational waste and worked with his team on eliminating them systematically. As a result, Toyota became one of the largest car manufacturers in the world!

Eradicating Waste is the Answer.

At First Lean Dentist, Inc., we studied Toyota’s management system and applied it to dentistry.

To increase profits, we eliminated wasted efforts on the existing patients instead of frantically seeking new patients. We decreased the load instead of increasing it and in the process, we freed up a lot of time that we could spend on other things, including new patients. Isn’t that what “working smarter” was meant to achieve?

Estimates from different lean thinkers place operational waste somewhere between 80 and 95 percent of a worker’s total motion. Can you see how much waste is waiting to be removed? Can you see how much less you’ll need to work and how much more profit is hiding in that waste?

You can learn it in my seminar.

I am now offering the only dental management course that focuses exclusively on lean management. This course will help you transform your practice into a more proficient operating system.      Continue Reading 

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